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We offer complete recycling solutions


AHCO is 35 years old recycling and scrap entity having its office in Dubai & India. We offer complete recycling solutions across various industries throughout the United Arab Emirates. With over 35 years of experience and expertise in e-waste & universal waste management, we provide tailor-made solutions for your e-waste management which are effective and efficient, and we also commit to creating a safe and eco-friendly atmosphere.

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Scrap Buying & Selling

As we all know, e-waste continues to become an escalating issue around the world. Old and obsolete gadgets keep ending up in landfills as consumers demand new products and the life expectancy of electronics decreases.Learn More »

E Junk Collector

We are your one-stop solution for redundant IT equipment, ensuring that such material is certifiably recycled, with materials recovered and value maximized. We provide safe and secure electronic waste disposal,Learn More »

Data Destruction

Physical data destruction is meant to stop any data leaks that may occur post media retirement. Physical destruction is the most trusted method and highly recommended by data security experts to destroy all media and leaving the data unrecoverable.Learn More »

ITAD Management

To remarket and replace IT equipment is not as simple as you think as many considerations will require a planned strategy ahead of time. Some considerations will be environmental hazards, logistics, and confidential devices data which can, fortunately,Learn More »

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AHCO Recycling provides comprehensive, effective, and responsible recycling services to get rid of electronic wastes. The Company has the finest technology available for extraction of metals from e-waste and separating the hazardous content present from the waste.